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Japanese Bamboo – Smart Vase LED Light


Often the simplest of design creations can make the biggest impact and the brand new Smart Vase Light from Gingko no exception to this role.

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The Smart Vase Light is a stunning and beautiful paper oval-shaped table light and will certainly create your perfect centrepiece for your home or office space. Cleverly hidden inside is a heat and watersafe tube for filling with your favourite flowers. Made with special heat-safe and water proof Tyvek paper that emits a warm ambient light from within, the fan-like design can also be folded for easy storage. To open again, simply pull the lamp back around till the magnets touch together. The Smart Vase Light is a perfect space-saving home or office accessory whilst adding a big design impact and it also reflects our philosophy of creating a stylish and premium design to our every day life from our every day object.